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To the guys of 2GETHER: as Mickey Parke once said "I'll date you five times in one night" (LoL)

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Thursday, September 7, 2000 

Fake boy-band beats *Nsync

MTV's phoney boy-band continues to beat *Nsync.

2gether, the subject of an MTV movie, series and two albums, has beat out *Nsync's "It's Gonna Be Me" on the SoundScan singles sales chart with their song "The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)", MTV reports.

The group's second album, "2gether Again" is at number 26 on the Billboard album chart.

The group -- made up of Evan Farmer (Jerry O'Keefe), Michael Cuccione (Jason Q.T. McKnight), Alex Solowitz (Mickey Parke), Noah Bastian (Chad Linus) and Kevin Farley (Doug Linus) -- starred in the 2gether movie on MTV, which was a spoof on boy-bands.

"We basically have two types of fans right now," Farley told MTV. "Those who like our music, and those who get the joke. We live in both worlds at the same time, and that's fine with us."

-- AllPop from http://www.canoe.ca

"Mickey Parke has got one ho and one ho only... and that's Mickey Parke fool!"


Here are the guys: Noah Bastian (Chad Linus: the shy one), Alex Solowitz (Mickey Parke: the rebel/ bad boy), Kevin Farley (Doug Linus: the handsome older brother figure), Michael Cuccione (Jason "QT" McKnight: the dewey eyed youngster), and Evan Farmer (Jerry O'Keefe: the heart throb)

In case you aren't yet familiar with 2GETHER, let me explain... You see 2GETHER is Mtv's boy band parody, you may remember Spinal Tap in the 80's, well this was the Spinal Tap of the 90's boy band craze~ The best way to make fun of the BSB, NSYNC and etc. all rolled into one movie which eventually turned into a tv series with 2 major CD's out and a whole lotta fans of all ages. I can't forget to mention the great Bob Buss the character who put them all together! The actor who played him actually also played a plumber in an old episode of "Golden Girls", he was great! And HELLO!!!! Nigel Dick, I cannot forget him! He was the man behind it all, thanks Nigel, luv ya!


Some people (cough cough 98 degrees being some) found 2GETHER as offensive, some people found 2GETHER as the new greatest boy band, and some people actually got the joke and laughed along in good spirit, then there were the confused fans. I was among the confused fans, I knew they were making fun of everything I had once practically worshiped (well not that far but you get the picture) but I still bought their albums, religiously watched the movie and series, and fell in "love" with the characters... Oh yes, those were the middle school days... Good times~ and just for them, I'd go back to bad hair days everyday and braces in a heart beat!


2GETHER may sound silly, but they did bring laughter to many people, and how else would many of us have found out about Michael's story and legacy except through 2GETHER? Do yourself a favor and pull out your old 2GETHER Again album, stick it in your CD player and sing to "You and You and Me" or about how you didn't know you were sleeping with your ex's sister. Don't deny that some of these things may relate back to your real life, and if you are taking me seriously and they really do, I'll pray for you...


2GE+HER fans unite!!! 2GE+HER 4 EVER! (LoL)

U + Me totally = Us!!!